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The recreational and commercial diver has special medical needs.

They must be treated and evaluated by physicians with special knowledge as to medical requirements for safe diving and diving injuries.

Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Care at Walnut Creek is the prominent diving medicine center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine is an American Board medical specialty.

Robert Tufft MD is an ABPM Undersea & Hyperbaric medicine certified physician, knowledgeable in the special medical issues of the diver as well as the requirements for proper diving medical evaluation.

Safe diving begins with a thorough medical evaluation, at our center, to determine individual risks for diving. This includes exclusion of medical conditions which would preclude diving as well as identification of the relative risks of diving for that individual.

The use of compressed gases for breathing at ocean depths posses unique health risks. Recompression therapy utilizing a hyperbaric chamber is required for the treatment of decompression sickness or the bends.

Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Care at Walnut Creek is a modern hyperbaric medicine facility with three individual chambers in the event that recompression therapy is needed.

Proper diving injury evaluation and treatment is critical. Proper clearance for return to diving is as well a critical evaluation.

Diving & Undersea Medicine Program Director:

  • Robert David Tufft, M.D.

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Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Care
at Walnut Creek

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Walnut Creek, California 94598

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